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Here, I will introduce a number of facilities owned by the Company.

Equipment Details

Equipment Details
Headquarters t150 servo press
AIDA was developed for the first time in the world, with a low-speed, high-torque servo motor for press. Was directly connected to the main gear and the motor shaft by a "direct drive", I will fully demonstrate the characteristics of the servo only. 
I realize the processing with high added value with high accuracy. 
The drive shaft so you drive like a pendulum, we have also achieved high efficiency.
Ohashi-cho factory welding robots
Ohashi is a town factory welding robots. 
I owns 11 units welding robot. Other, I holds welder 12 units. 
You are able to increase the versatility, it is also available to customers of quick delivery. 
Since it deals with building materials, take a wide variety of space between welding robot, I am careful to safety. 
Residential roof beam building materials parts, there more than five meters long.


Inheritance of technology
■ The welding by handling
■ The welding by handling
Among the words such as is "Problem 2007", "human resource development", and "technological competitiveness" is advocated, the next generation (responsible for once the "Japan making things", a high degree of know-how skills and skilled personnel has for the purpose of inheritance properly to young engineers), the Company, we also performed training with the aim of learning of welding technology by handling dare.
2286-2, Funatsugawa-cho, Sano-shi, Tochigi-ken 327-0035 Japan
1. Press processing of autoparts and muffler air-conditioner radiator, etc. 
2. Welding assembly. Materials for residences Processing of (Sekisui House).
3. Carry out the press processing of an assembly of welding, domestic electrical machinery, business apparatus, and the parts of construction.
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