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Privacy policy

Privacy policy
The (. Referred to as the "Company") Co., Ltd. Ishikawa Press Industries, be considered first the trust of available bidder, to handle sensitive and accurate, the information relating to the personal use bidder, the Company I believe that it is an important responsibility for. To that end, we have established personal information of the use bidder to "Privacy Policy", about the handling of personal information, we will continue to practice thorough and affiliates all employees. Its contents are as follows. It should be noted that with regard to personal information that I am allowed to use our reserves already, we will implement the handling of personal information of the use bidder in accordance with this policy.
Handling of Personal Information
Acquisition of ( 1) personal information
We will be collected by lawful and fair means personal information . If they ask you to provide personal information to use on your own , on the disclosed purpose of collection , the contents of the usage in advance , within the scope of the legitimate business of the Company , to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose , we collect personal information .
Shared use and use of ( 2 ) personal information
Personal information we have entrusted to us , we will use in a range in line with the purpose of collection also , within the consent to the person who got the personal information . For the purpose , of the " range of purposes " below , I will assume purposes matters necessary to achieve that purpose within the scope of the legitimate business of the Company.
● for a range of purposes
• If you want to contact you to work on
• If you guidance about the products and services we deal with
• If you allow me to respond to your request or inquiry from your use bidder
And other , and inform us in advance to use on your own , if the purpose of receiving your consent
● about the use of the above-mentioned purposes other than
In the case of any other purpose , it is necessary to use the personal information of the use bidder occurs, except as permitted by law , its use , it shall receive the consent of the use bidder .
Provide third party (3 ) personal information
The Company does not provide personal information available to a third party bidder , without the consent of the use bidder . However, if the norms of the law by the other that apply to personal information , there are special circumstances , such as the obligation of the laws and regulations on the Company must be followed, as far as this .
Procedures for disclosure, modification , etc. (4 ) personal information
To personal information you provide from available bidder , if it is desired query , correct or delete , please request to contact window . But only if the thing unless like you claim the can cause a significant adverse effect on our operations , it is due to the person in question available bidder could be confirmed , within a reasonable period of time , the personal information of the use bidder the disclosure , correction , I will delete it 
For compliance withthelawsandregulationsontheprotectionofpersonalinformation
We will comply with norms and personal information protection laws applicable to personal information held by the Company. The laws of Japan, this policy will be judged by other norms. This policy is intended to define the basic policy regarding the handling of personal information of the Company and in accordance with this policy, the Company will strive to protect personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, etc..
For security measures of personal information
To set up a management structure in order to protect unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, from leakage, etc., to ensure the safety and accuracy, we will implement appropriate safety measures. In addition to implementing the education awareness-raising activities for the executives and staff, etc. all to limit the intrusiveness of outsiders to the office in handling personal information, related to the protection of personal information of the Company, appropriate management of personal information Place the chief administrator I will strive to.
Continuous improvement
For efforts to protect personal information is kept up to date with the changing of laws and regulations change to follow the Japanese, handling, environmental, we will conduct a review to continuously improve.
Contact Us
Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, I will accept at the following window. 
[Personal information handling window] 
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