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Factory appearance

Factory appearance
■ Headquarters 
Address: 〒 327-0035 Sano, Tochigi Funatsugawa cho 2286-2 
TEL :0283-23-0070 
FAX :0283-22-9007 
Is the main plant. Surrounded by fields and around the plant, 
It is a rich natural location. 
I produce automotive parts mainly. 
Pressing automotive parts and building materials. 
Car muffler finisher processing and assembly.
Ohashi town factory
■ Ohashi town factory 
Address: 〒 327-0003 Sano, Tochigi Ohashi cho 3200-2 
TEL :0283-21-8334 
FAX :0283-21-8385 
Ohashi is a factory town. Around the plant we are surrounded by residential area. 
I produce a residential building parts mainly. 
Welding assembly of exterior mounting member and residential roof beams.
Sakaemachi factory
■ Sakaemachi factory 
Address: 〒 327-0816 Sano, Tochigi Sakaemachi 14-4 
TEL :080-9184-7624 
Is Sakaemachi factory. The factory, situated in one corner of the industrial park. 
I produce automotive parts mainly. 
Pressing the radiator cap parts and automobile parts muffler.
2286-2, Funatsugawa-cho, Sano-shi, Tochigi-ken 327-0035 Japan
1. Press processing of autoparts and muffler air-conditioner radiator, etc. 
2. Welding assembly. Materials for residences Processing of (Sekisui House).
3. Carry out the press processing of an assembly of welding, domestic electrical machinery, business apparatus, and the parts of construction.
Mobile site
<<ISHIKAWA-PRESS KOGYOSHO CO.,LTD.>> 327-0035 2286-2,Funatsugawa-cho, Sano-shi,Tochigi-ken,Japan, TEL:81-283-23-0070 FAX:81-283-22-9007