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Office building exterior

Office building exterior

Representatives greeting

Representatives greeting
President Yasushi Ishikawa
President Yasushi Ishikawa
Once again, I have you browse our website , Thank you very much .
Founded in '45 , for many years in the land of this Sano , our auto parts
You have been working in the metal processing in "thing making technology" primarily .
21 century , the era of globalization , social circumstances changed dramatically
We have . To continue the self-reform is not afraid of the change and also
I think what posture , and is a condition for growing the company on an ongoing basis .
We are a flexible creativity and processing technology of its own based on a wealth of experience
As you have , you can answer your satisfaction and trust of everyone your hand, will continue to work tirelessly in the future .
In addition to the belief of life , what " person" Ya employee training we
Through the field of communication , I was working to develop human resources to measure the improvement of technology and thorough vision and philosophy , with a heart of gratitude , compassion for people with higher goals consciousness .
The value of a company I think , how much contribute to the happiness of many people
You are , or not .
Even more , to improve "human " and " thing making technology" in the future for the
Efforts , including the employees , to the community and commitment to customers and business partners
I will be willing to play a contribution .
Co. Ishikawa Press Industries
Ishikawa Yasushi

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
  ■Location 2286-2 tel.0283-23-0070, Sano, Tochigi Funatsugawa City: Headquarters
3200-3 tel.0283-21-8334, Sano, Tochigi Bridge City: Ohashi town factory
Sakae-factory: Sano, Tochigi Sakae-cho 14-4 tel.080-9184-7624
  ■Phone number 0283-23-0070
  ■FAX number 0283-22-9007
  ■Representative President Yasushi Ishikawa
One director
  ■Date of establishment May 1971
  ■capital stock 4 one million yen
  ■Sales volume 814 one million yen - '10 (40 period)
943 one million yen - '11 (41 period)
979 one million yen - '12 (42 years period)
1100 one million yen - '13 years (43 quarters)
  ■Business content Pressing 1. Automotive parts (muffler, air-conditioner radiator),
Processing 2. Welding assembly and residential materials (Sekisui House hall),
Such as pressing 3. Welding assembly, consumer electronics, office equipment and building parts
  ■Number of Employees 78 patients (72 male and female persons 6 persons) (as of January 2014)
  ■Bank Sano Gunma Bank branch / branch Tochigi Bank, Ltd. Sano / Ashikaga Bank branch Sano
  ■Main customer Ltd. CKP
Kato Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Three stand Industry Co., Ltd.
Ltd. AkiraKazu
Koide Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing Co., Ltd. special HatsuJo
Kanto Iron Works Co., Ltd.


  January 1966 Establishment
  May 1971 Establishment
  February 2004 Ohashi-cho factory establishment founded start
  May 2007 May 2007 The certification to 2008: ISO9001
  September 2013 Sakae-factory establishment founded start

Access to the main plant

Access to the main plant
Address: 〒 327-0035 Sano, Tochigi Funatsugawa cho 2286-2 
About 10 minutes Tobu Sanosen Tajima Station: access
Access to the town factory Ohashi
Address: 〒 327-0003 Sano, Tochigi Ohashi cho 3200-3 
About a 10-minute Ryomo Line Sano Station car: access
Access to the factory Sakaemachi
Address: 〒 327-0816 Sano, Tochigi Sakaemachi 14-4 
About a 10-minute Ryomo Line Sano Station car: access 

Link to inquiry form

Link to inquiry form
2286-2, Funatsugawa-cho, Sano-shi, Tochigi-ken 327-0035 Japan
1. Press processing of autoparts and muffler air-conditioner radiator, etc. 
2. Welding assembly. Materials for residences Processing of (Sekisui House).
3. Carry out the press processing of an assembly of welding, domestic electrical machinery, business apparatus, and the parts of construction.
Mobile site
<<ISHIKAWA-PRESS KOGYOSHO CO.,LTD.>> 327-0035 2286-2,Funatsugawa-cho, Sano-shi,Tochigi-ken,Japan, TEL:81-283-23-0070 FAX:81-283-22-9007